Geng: The Adventure Begins is available in: Malay [Original] on Netflix Singapore

Upin & Ipin Geng Pengembaraan Bermula

Two best friends, Badrol and Lim went to Badrol's village (kampong) where he grew up, with intentions to experience some long-forgotten true Malaysian life in his Grandfather's durian orchard. However their simple holiday trip is cut short by the discovery of a clue that leads them closer to the legend of the mystery house deep in the forest. Together with their newly found friends, Rajoo the animal-whispering boy, Rose the village beauty, and her two mischievous twin brothers, Upin and Ipin, they work together to unravel the secrets surrounding the small Kampong.

In his grandfather's village, a boy hears of a scary beast living deep in the woods. He and his friends embark on an adventure to find answers.


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