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Source: ByTom Bacon, writer at I’m a film-and-TV fan who grew up with a deep love of superhero comics! Follow me on Twitter @TomABacon or on Facebook @tombaconsuperheroes! At last, the wait is over. With the release of Iron Fist, we’ve now been introduced to all four of Marvel’s Defenders and we couldn’t …

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Source: *Warning: This article contains spoilers for the new Netflix original, The Discovery.* The Discovery doesn’t hesitate to jump head first into its premise; setting the tone from the off, Netflix’s new sci-fi opens with a televised interview with Thomas Harbor (Robert Redford), a scientist who has made a huge discovery — the afterlife …

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Source: ByMichael Villegas Another year has begun, which means we have lots of new horror films to look forward to. While you’re waiting for the next horror flick to be released, I’ve compiled a list of some great horror movies you should check out on Netflix. The Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now …

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